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Treasury management is the process of managing a company’s cash flows to ensure sufficient liquidity, while taking into account not only exchange rate risks and interest rate risk but also other risks that could affect its value.

Using the wrong interest rate hedging product can have huge repercussions on your business. In our 100 years we’ve seen it all
Identifying the correct bank for hedging can save 000’s
Call multiple banks for an FX rate is not a strategy. True savings are made before this final step
Do you understand why you bought that FX option and if it was it the right choice at the right time? Don’t take your brokers word for it

Don’t take your bank or brokers word for it
- Get independent impartial advice

Unlike conflicted banks or brokers providing “advice” on products they are selling, our recommendations are unbiased and specific to your situation. We take time to understand the objectives of key stakeholders, their challenges as well as the operating environment so that our recommendations are fully aligned with your goals and objectives.


Improve your decision making

Highly targeted landing pages will increase your conversion rates, and optimization with A/B testing takes you to the next level.

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Improve your EBITDA

Higher conversion rates means you get more business from your current traffic, and reduce cost per acquisition.

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Improve your ROI

Stop wasting money on more traffic. Get more leads on your existing traffic instead. At the end, this skyrockets your ROI.

Our optimization process

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Define goals

First we establish your landing page goal. Do you need more leads, increase signups or drive sales?

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Insight & hypothesis

Based on insight, experience and analysis we create our hypothesis for testing "If we implement X we expect outcome Y".

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Design & implement

We design your page, write the copy, code and implement using Unbounce and integrate with your current leads-flow.

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Test & report

To validate our hypothesis for improvement we run A/B split tests and report to you on the progress on a weekly basis.

Interest Rate Cap

Meet The Partners

At VUCA Treasury, we leverage our 100 years of cumulative banking experience within treasury and capital markets to ensure that our clients have the qualitative guidance and quantitative tools to make informed decisions about the financial risks that arise from the strategic decisions they take. In 2021, we advised on transactions with a notional value in excess of $1 billion.

How can we help?

Interest Rate Hedging Advisory

We assist with the implementation of your hedging strategy; modelling your cash flows and overlaying these with hedging alternatives to arrive at your optimal combination of cost and risk. We facilitate onboarding with your hedge provider and negotiate on pricing to ensure you don't overpay.

Currency Hedging Advisory

Your bank or broker is a salesperson, not your advisor. We can provide you with guidance on products and develop with you an FX policy that aligns with your goals and objectives. If you’re overpaying, we can negotiate improved terms with your provider or use our panel of FX providers to find you a better offering


Treasury divisions are typically responsible for funding, cash & liquidity management and hedging financial risks. At Vuca, we provide a framework for our clients to make sure that the financial decisions taken are consistent with the strategic objectives and risk profile of shareholders and other key stakeholders.

Get more from your money

Rate alerts

Do you have a specific exchange rate in mind? Let us know and we can notify you when it's available

Rate alerts

Do you have a specific exchange rate in mind? Let us know and we can notify you when it's available

Rate alerts

Do you have a specific exchange rate in mind? Let us know and we can notify you when it's available


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If you're looking to hedge your interest rate exposure but thinking   

Should I hedge using a Fixed rate, Swap or a Cap


Hedging is expensive, how can I reduce my cost


What is the cost to me if I repay the debt early


I'm concerned about higher rates but not due to refinance later next year



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