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Rising hedging costs in January are a reminder that interest rate risk hasn’t gone away

Sonia Rates 2024 1

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meets on Thursday and is widely expected to keep rates on hold at 5.25% for the fourth meeting in a row. At the previous MPC meeting, committee members voted 6-3, with those in the minority all voting to lift the Base Rate by 0.25%. As the inflation outlook has continued to improve, markets expect the MPC to indicate a pivot to a more dovish stance. A change in the vote count and/ or softer language in the press statements will be the focus of attention.

Although official interest rates have been unchanged since August, market rates have been quite volatile and the divergence between the hawkish official stance from the MPC and market positioning over the second half of 2023 continued to widen. Some of this shift lower in the implied path for SONIA has been reversed over January- for example, 3 year rates rose by 0.31%. Despite this reversal, the market still has 4 cuts priced in for 2024, with a first cut priced in for the June meeting.

The sharp move higher over January reminds us that complacency in the face of such uncertainty over the future path for SONIA can pose substantial risks as market rates could reverse higher if inflation doesn’t continue to fall towards the 2% target. Borrowers who fail to stay informed and adapt their financial strategies may find themselves exposed to unexpected and potentially adverse changes in the SONIA curve and rates environment. This is especially true for borrowers refinancing or considering new investments over 2024.

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